Tuesday 8 November 2016 1:28 pm

Hillary Clinton's odds of winning have shortened again, as betting on the Presidential election looks set to smash the Brexit record

The markets may be in stasis and Donald Trump may be muttering about the sheer expense of the whole affair – but one bookie has just quietly given Hillary Clinton the shortest odds of winning today's US Presidential election since the debates.

Today Betway gave Clinton odds of 1/5, down from 2/7, the shortest price it has offered since the final public debate, on 19 October. Trump, on the other hand, has been given odds of 100/30. 

Meanwhile, Betfair gave Clinton odds of 1/4, putting Donald Trump at 4/1 – with Clinton accounting for 80 per cent of bets yesterday. 

“With nearly £118m now traded it’s hard to see how it won’t surpass the £127m betting market record set by Brexit in June," said Barr Orr, a spokesperson for Betfair.

"It’s unlikely the market will trade anywhere near as much as Brexit did once polls were closed, which occasionally hit £10k per second, but if it does we would easily be looking at more than £150m total traded on the market.”

(Here's Trump complaining about the price of running for President…)

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