Monday 10 October 2016 1:28 pm

Donald fails to trump Hillary as Clinton storms ahead in betting polls with chances that have "never looked stronger"

Some commentators have chalked up the second US presidential election debate as a win for Republican hopeful Donald Trump. 

But Clinton's chances have "never looked stronger", according to betting experts Smartbets – and other bookies agree.

At the town hall-style debate last night, Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton and Trump came to blows over taxes, Clinton's email saga and a newly-released video in which Trump made lewd comments about groping women without their consent

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Clinton now has a 79 per cent likelihood of moving into the White House after the 8 November election, according to bets placed on the UK-based exchange Betfair. Her chances rose even higher, to 82 per cent, during the debate itself. 

Trump has around a 20 per cent chance if bets placed on Betfair are to be believed, while on betting exchange Smarkets Clinton has a 75.3 per cent chance to Trump's 20.1 per cent. 

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"Although there was only a marginal movement during the debate, the market had already exploded into life over the weekend as Trump's campaign trail seemingly fell off a cliff in the light of some damning footage from 2005," said Betfair spokesperson Barry Orr. 

The out of favour Republican candidate entered Sunday night’s debate at 6.0 (5/1 or a 17 per cent chance), his lowest price since becoming the official nominee but after a not-tragic performance from the businessman he was backed into 5.0 (4/1 or a 20 per cent chance).

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Bookmakers William Hill and Ladbrokes (which do not calculate odds in percentages), were offering short odds of 2/9 on a Clinton win compared to 10/3 for Trump, while Ladbrokes are slightly longer odds of 2/7 and 11/4 for Clinton and Trump respectively. 

(Just to keep things interesting, William Hill also still has longer odds for other possible candidates including Bernie Sanders [50/1], Michael Bloomberg [100/1] and Mitt Romney [200/1].)

Clinton's ranking in the polls was widely thought to have taken a knock when she collapsed with pneumonia at a 9/11 memorial event, but Trump's video scandal seems to have put her back in a comfortable lead where bettors are concerned. 

A string of prominent Republicans including 2008 Presidential candidate John McCain and former secretary of state Condoleeza Rice have now withdrawn their support for Trump as a result of the latest scandal.