Tuesday 28 January 2020 3:15 pm

'Enough is enough': Two thirds of South Western Railway passengers fed up with fares

Barely a third of South Western Railway passengers feel they are getting value for money, after months of strikes and delays caused misery across the network.

According to the National Rail passenger survey, just 34 per cent of customers were satisfied with fares, the lowest score of any franchise in the country.

Overall passenger satisfaction with the operator remained at a 10-year low of 74 per cent.

It comes after a 28-day strike among South Western Railway staff in December, the longest in UK history.

South Western Railway was also hit by the news that the government has started proceedings to potentially take it back into public control last week.

Moreover, guards voted for yet more industrial action last week, in a move which could spell further misery for passengers.

However, the results of the survey did not even take the latest troubles into account, as it was completed in Autumn last year.

Anthony Smith, boss of watchdog Transport Focus, said: “South Western Railway passengers have suffered for a long time now. Enough is enough. 

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“We want to hear from the operator how it will get services back on track.” 

Value for money satisfaction: The five worst…

ServiceConsumers satisfied %
1South Western Railway34
4Great Northern42
5Greater Anglia43

…and the five best

Service Consumers satisfied %
1Grand Central75
3Hull trains65
4Virgin Trains64
5London North Eastern Railway59

Fare prices rose 2.7 per cent on average across the country this year, above inflation measured at the consumer price index.

The survey of 2,000 South Western Railway passengers was part of a nationwide poll of 28,000 people.

That found passengers on Northern Rail are the most disgruntled in the UK. 

Overall passenger satisfaction on that line was just 72 per cent.

Northern is also on the brink of being renationalised. Transport secretary Grant Shapps is set to announce it will come back under state control on Wednesday.

The survey comes as the government stands poised to rip up the current franchising system.

A wide-ranging review into Britain’s railways by former British Airways boss Keith Williams is expected to give the state more control over the running of the network.

Main image credit: Network Rail