Friday 25 September 2020 1:21 pm

Easyjet avoids compulsory redundancies as pilots opt for part-time work

Easyjet has avoided making any compulsory redundancies to its pilots despite plans earlier this summer to cut up to a third of jobs.

The airline has been engaged in consultation with the British Airline Pilot Association (Balpa) since the coronavirus pandemic hit the UK in March regarding job cuts.

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Despite rejecting several proposals, a breakthrough in negotiations has now been made which will mean no pilots are forced to leave the low-budget carrier.

Balpa praised “a huge community effort” to reduce the need for compulsory measures.

The change in stance from Easyjet has come as a result of 60 pilots leaving voluntarily and a further 1,500 opting for part time work.

It means the 727 redundancies that were mooted due to the impact of Covid-19 on the travel industry will now no longer be necessary.

All the pilots based at Southend, Stansted, and Newcastle which have been closed will be offered jobs elsewhere on the UK network.   

Balpa General Secretary, Brian Strutton, praised Balpa’s representatives, Easyjet management and the pilots themselves, who he said “have volunteered in record numbers for part-time work and voluntary redundancy to help save their colleagues’ jobs.”  

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The sentiments were echoed by Captain Sean Casey, chairman of the Balpa Easyjet Company Council. He said: “Each pilot who has volunteered to work less has done so because he or she wants to help colleagues keep their jobs.”

He added: “We’ve had tough talks, but in the end we have come to a sensible and fair arrangement in light of the crisis the whole aviation sector is facing. We have now secured a solid platform for both the airline and the pilots to benefit from the recovery we all hope to see in the next year.”