Wednesday 2 November 2016 11:22 am

Businesses along Night Tube lines have experienced a near 20 per cent boost since its introduction

London's nightlife is reaping the rewards of 24-hour transport, according to new data from Worldpay.

Since the introduction of the first Night Tube services on the Central and Victoria lines in August, businesses serviced by those lines experienced an 18 per cent boost.

Worldpay analysed late night (between 1am and 4.30am) card transaction data and noted that takings in the City of London area rose 75 per cent compared to before the launch. Over 100,000 people used the Night Tube during its opening weekend.

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Nearly one third of late-night spending in the capital was focused within the borough of Westminster – where the Victoria and Central lines intersect, but businesses based further out also benefited. Spending around Stratford Tube station on the Central line rose 40 per cent, while the number of transactions processed in Walthamstow on the Victoria Line has more than doubled since the launch.

The first three lines that got Night Tube services were the Victoria, Central and Jubilee lines
The first three lines that got Night Tube services were the Victoria, Central and Jubilee lines (Source: TfL)

The first lines to get the Night Tube were the Victoria and Central lines, with the addition of the Jubilee providing another boost. The Northern line is set to get the 24-hour treatment on 18 November while Sadiq Khan said yesterday Night Tube services will run on the Piccadilly line from 16 December.

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For comparison, Camden's takings were flat over the past month; so it could well see a boost with the arrival of the Night Tube on the Northern line later this month.

WorldPay looked at year-on-year growth in late night card transactions taken by businesses across the capital for the period 1 July-14 August vs. 15 August to 2 October to compare pre-Night Tube and post-Night Tube.

Dave Hobday, managing director of Worldpay, said: "The initial impact of the Night Tube on the capital's late night economy is encouraging and supports the case for further roll out so that businesses across the city can harness the opportunities that improved infrastructure brings."