Friday 10 February 2017 9:07 am

Best Twitter responses to court ruling to uphold suspension of Donald Trump's travel ban

Donald Trump's travel ban is still suspended, after a US federal appeals court ruled against the US President last night.

Trump is famously a massive fan of Twitter, so we've picked out the best reaction tweets to last night's news.

The President himself didn't disappoint

He almost immediately published a shouty message telling the court that he would… see it in court.


Many, many people pointed out that the first part of Trump's tweet was pretty redundant.


A lot of people enjoyed making puns out of Trump's new slogan

Some people got a bit more creative with their ripostes

And some people just got silly 


Top burn

However, Trump's one-time opponent in the Presidential race had probably the best response. Hillary Clinton issued a short but sweet reference to the fact that this is the third time a court has ruled against Trump's controversial ban.