Monday 13 June 2016 8:00 pm

Apple is bringing a major emoji update to your iPhone

A new operating system from Apple will bring an innovative new feature to your iPhone – and it involves emojis.

The iOS 10 update which will be released later this year, introduces what Apple is calling "emojification".

If you type out a message, it will automatically suggest an emoji option, if there is one, instead in iMessage

Sometimes, it's the simple things that can keep users happy.

The update also brings other creative features such as stickers and doodled to the platform beyond simple text, putting it in greater competition with the likes of Snapchat, Facebook Messenger and Paypal.

The messaging platform will also be opened up to developers, meaning it can be integrated within third-party apps.

The iOS 10 update also gave much more freedom to integrate their apps with Apple's features, including Siri and Maps.

In iMessage, Apple demonstrated messaging integrated with a food delivery app, letting a group order take place via a group message.

It also demonstrated integration with a payment app which would allow users to transfer cash to each other simply via a message.


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