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Email and solus advertising

City A.M. has over 14,000 email subscribers. These loyal subscribers have been built exclusively from readers of the newspaper and website. As a result, the quality of the data ensures that advertisers reach a targeted and highly engaged audience, and enjoy high open and click-through rates.

Packages are available to sponsor our content emails – to feature alongside our engaging content. Or, a limited number of solus mailers are available where your compelling message can reach our subscribers directly.

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1. Midday Update

The go-to package, for regularly reaching our engaged audience, in prime slots alongside our most popular curated email.

Sent to 12,000 email addresses per day

Increase brand awareness

For business, investment and career products, services and events

Regular communication

Single day, full week or consecutive weeks sponsorship

Exposure to target audience

Get seen by the largest number of our subscribers

Best for

  • Creating a narrative: Message can change across newsletters and days
  • Time sensitive offers and opportunities
  • Testing the responsiveness of our audience
  • Can be less targeted – doesn’t have to be relevant to all subscribers
  • Providing creative quickly, in standard ad formats which work across email clients.

Clients this suits

Most of our usual clients, including business schools, property, events and sport.

2. Before the Open and Five at 5

Reach our engaged audience on their commute to and from work.
3,500 Before the Open and 7,000 Five at 5 subscribers.

Best for

  • Regular communication
  • Time sensitive offers and opportunities
  • Weekly sponsorship
  • Exposure to target audience
  • Get seen by our subscribers at key commuting times

Clients this suits

Most of our usual clients, including business schools, property, events and sport.

3. Solus email

Premium, one off, total database blast – for compelling commercial opportunities with broad appeal. Sent to 14,000 subscribers – our total active database

Broad message appeal

Relevant to everyone in our database

Promote offers

Time sensitive for campaigns or specific for our customers

Drive traffic

To a dedicated landing page to increase engagement

Best for

  • Messages with clear calls to action
  • A premium upsell for high performing newsletter sponsorship clients
  • Clients who can provide creative at the time of negotiation – and certainly well in advance of deadline – to allow testing and recommendations from the City A.M. Digital Team to optimise performance.
  • Infrequent communication – no more than one per month

Clients this suits

Clients with unique, exclusive and appealing offers, white papers and competitions who can tailor the message to be personally interesting

Design & consultancy

Included support

As standard, the City A.M. Digital Team can offer messaging and creative design advice to optimise performance – for every email package sold.

Advanced Support

For an additional fee, we can completely design the campaigns. This suits clients that do not have the resources to provide email creative to specification, or would like to use our understanding of our audience. This service will require at least seven working days’ notice.