Wednesday 26 August 2020 9:41 am

A dam site better: Craft brewer Beavertown builds new London brewery

Craft brewer Beavertown is moving production from its Tottenham home, with its new brewery in Enfield allowing it to make enough beer for 90m pints.

The expansion to the six-acre plot in Ponders End will lead to 150 new jobs in north london over three years, the craft brewer said.

Beavertown, the maker of Gamma Ray and Neck Oil brews, sold a minority stake to brewing giant Heineken in 2018.

The craft brewer has used some of the takings for this £40m expansion push.

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It will allow Beavertown to deliver a maximum capacity of 500,000 hectolitres a year and to brew in 150hl batches, producing 90,000,000 pints yearly.

That’s 10 times more Beavertown beer than at its previous Tottenham location, and makes the new site – dubbed Beaverworld – London’s largest brewery.

It’s quite a jump from when founder Logan Plant first started brewing in his kitchen with a 25-litre rice pan, or even its first 650L kit in a BBQ joint in Haggerston.

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The new brewery caps of an expansion push for the craft brewer which includes the first tap room and microbrewery on Tottenham Hotspur FC’s stadium.

Plant said of the new site: “Beaverworld is the answer to our dream of getting more Beavertown in the hands of the masses and we could not be more excited that it’s now up and running.”