Tech City

TWO imperious towers oversee the numerous technology industries clustered around Silicon Roundabout. [...]

10 July 2014

Top technology analyst Tim Luke is heading back to Barclays this month, the bank announced last night, after three [...]

2 July 2014

Osper, a London-based startup that teaches kids to manage their money online, has launched with £6m backing [...]

30 June 2014
23 June 2014

LONDON is now hosting its first ever Technology Week – an opportunity to “showcase London’s role as the [...]

19 June 2014

THE UK’s tech scene has changed beyond all recognition since I left London for the US in the late 1990s. Back [...]

17 June 2014

LONDON’S tech sector is growing by 5.1 per cent a year and will add another £12bn to the British economy over [...]

17 June 2014

THE PENNY seems to be slowly dropping. Investors have taken fright at how they have driven up the value of the [...]

8 May 2014

TECH City has just turned three. There is some confusion over what this actually means, however. Tech firms have [...]

9 December 2013

LONDON has the potential to be one of the world’s leading technology hubs, and the startup scene is growing [...]

19 July 2013

DAVID Cameron’s Tech City project received its latest blow yesterday when the organisation’s second in command [...]

25 June 2013

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