Economic austerity

THE INTERNATIONAL Monetary Fund: wrong again. At the end of last week, the IMF abandoned its criticism of the [...]

10 June 2014

THE “BACKFIRE effect” is a term coined by the US political scientist Brendan Nyhan to describe how a person’s [...]

15 May 2014

LAST year his Budget preparations included a calorie-stacked Byron burger, wolfed down with a side of chips.

17 March 2014

PORTUGAL’S parliament passed the country’s 2014 budget yesterday, the last under its three-year EU/IMF bailout, [...]

27 November 2013

GEORGE Osborne yesterday promised a future Conservative government would attempt to run a budget surplus by 2020, [...]

1 October 2013

CRITICS have railed against an  economic paper released by the San Francisco Federal Reserve yesterday, which [...]

11 September 2013

FIVE years ago, nearly every macroeconomist agreed that central banks determined aggregate demand (total spending [...]

11 September 2013

GEORGE Osborne yesterday presented his analysis of why the UK economy has turned the corner in recent months, [...]

10 September 2013

THE CHANCELLOR will today argue that spending cuts were the right policy and have helped get the UK back on the [...]

9 September 2013

SOME people are never satisfied. The evidence is mounting that the UK economy is now on the path to recovery. [...]

28 August 2013

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