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Chinese telecoms giant Huawei has said it is willing to work with the Trump administration after it was slapped [...]

16 May 2019

Economists have said US President Donald Trump’s argument that American consumers will not face higher prices [...]

13 May 2019

Business optimism in the UK fell to its lowest rate since 2012 in April, according to a report released today, [...]

13 May 2019

The US’s trade deficit in goods and services with China decreased in March, in news that will cheer the Trump [...]

9 May 2019

US President Donald Trump has claimed that China was seeking to U-turn on the trade deal struck between the two [...]

8 May 2019

China’s gigantic trade surplus unexpectedly narrowed in April, as the country’s exports fell 2.7 per cent [...]

8 May 2019

Last week, the International Monetary Fund upgraded its 2019 growth forecast for the Chinese economy to 6.3 per [...]

12 April 2019

By Tom Bailey from interactive investor. [...]

11 March 2019

Since the election of Donald Trump, one story has dominated global markets news: the trade war between China and [...]

6 March 2019

Chinese stock markets are currently on holiday, with traders and consumers off celebrating the arrival of the [...]

8 February 2019

Gold had a mixed year in 2018, quickly peaking around $1,366 in January, but falling as low as $1,160 by August. [...]

28 January 2019

Digger manufacturer Caterpillar’s shares were down eight per cent in US trading this afternoon after it announced [...]

28 January 2019

US officials have arrived in China for the first round of talks between the two countries since a 90-day truce [...]

7 January 2019
3 January 2019

The Chinese city of Xi’an recorded the highest level of house price growth this year as Asia pulls ahead of [...]

20 December 2018

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