Ben Griffiths



THE news that Carl-Henric Svanberg, a Swede, is to chair BP highlights the increasingly international nature of UK plc. But it [...]

9 July

WHICH industry is worth £114bn, is responsible for 2.65m British jobs and represents 8.2 per cent of UK GDP? Perhaps surprisingly [...]

3 July

THIS week a rare opportunity to watch television saw me glued to a programme presented by the self-styled “Queen of Shops” [...]

25 June

LUXURY London house prices have recorded their first quarterly growth since beginning to slide from the peak of September 2007, [...]

25 June

LOVE it or loathe it corporate hospitality has become a key feature of “The Season”, the collection of traditional English [...]

19 June

LONDON Mayor Boris Johnson yesterday leapt to defend the financial services industry, arguing that politicians and the City needed [...]

17 June

BRITAIN’S economy is stabilising, with the worst of the recent quarterly falls in GDP having passed into history, the Confederation [...]

15 June

DAVID “Danny” Blanchflower, the Bank of England rate-setter who forecast the recession ahead of his fellow Monetary Policy [...]

15 June

ANYONE who has marvelled at the aerial spectacle of the Red Bull Air Race must surely have wondered what it is like to hurtle [...]

9 June