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November 29, 2015, 3:41pm

Black Friday may be gone, but that does not mean everyone must instantly return to paying full price for their shopping just yet. Yes, Cyber Monday is here.

While the two deal days used to be separate, the fact that online shopping has become as common as high-street shopping means there's really no difference these days, especially when many of the big shops have turned the whole thing into a week - sometimes even two week - event.

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You may already have bagged a bargain online on Black Friday or before, but here's what each retailer is doing for Cyber Monday this year, including, Tesco, Sainsbury's, Amazon, Currys PC World and eBay.


On Friday ​Tesco implemented a policy which meant turning away non-Black Friday shoppers, but there's no worry of that happening online. The supermarket, already having toned down its deals this year, will simply extend those offers into Monday, both online and in store, assuming they haven't already been snapped up.

It did have 200 electrical items, including Beats headphones, Tassimo coffee machine, Samsung tablets, Acer laptops and large screen TVs on offer, with as much as 70 per cent off. Online offers can be found at Tesco Direct.

A quick search shows items such as Apple iPads with £60 off, Xbox One ans PS4 console deals, Dyson vacuums with more than £100 off, all still in stock. There's even fridge-freezers, washing machines and cookers. Definitely best to get online rather than in store.


eBay has combined the two deals days, with offers for Black Friday having started last Monday that will continue on Cyber Monday too.

That’ll be the last day available though. New deals come up at 8am and so far that's included things such as Macbook Pros, Xbox One’s, TVs and other computers.

A quick look today digs up items such as the Apple Watch with a saving of £30, a £20 discount on Beats headphones and many more offers across electronics as well as fashion, homeware and more.


After in-store only deals at Sainsbury's, the supermarket still won't be offering any online for Cyber Monday. Any of those deals in-store will, however, be there until the end of Tuesday. It may not be cyber, but it's still a deal day.

If still in stock, goodies include Dysons, TVs, the Nutribullet, Krups coffee machine, and more


Of course this US shopping giant is really going big for Cyber Monday (much more than any homegrown retailers) and almost as much as it did for Black Friday.

There will be another weeks worth of deals on items like Kindles, Kindle fire tablets, Fire TV streaming sticks, Nest connected home products as well as Xbox and PS4 consoles, to mention just a few.

Expect a similar bonanza of hourly "lightning" flash sales and daily deals. Here's the latest on Amazon's offers.

Currys PC World

Another fine place to bag a bargain on tech and electricals. A new round of deals are expected to be revealed imminently, but they're staying schtum at the moment.

We'll be updating the deals as they're announced as well as further Cyber Monday discounts from the UK's major retailers. Find all the latest here.

November 29, 2015, 1:52pm

A government ruling on airport expansion could come as soon as this week, with ministers gearing up to decide whether or not to reject the Airports Commission’s recommendation for a third runway at Heathrow Airport.

The Airports Commission, led by RBS chairman Sir Howard Davies, said in July that it backed building a third runway at Heathrow airport. Prime Minister David Cameron and transport secretary Patrick McLoughlin have said that the government will respond to the Commission’s report in December.

A government decision in favour of Heathrow expansion would prove politically challenging for Cameron, who famously made a “no ifs, no buts” pledge in 2009 that there would be no third runway at the west London airport.

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Meanwhile, Tory London mayoral candidate Zac Goldsmith has vowed to resign from his Richmond Park seat and trigger a by-election if the government supports expansion at the west London airport.

Labour’s London mayoral candidate Sadiq Khan also opposes expanding Heathrow, having backed expansion at Gatwick airport, instead.

November 29, 2015, 1:30pm

Tens of thousands of people have turned out to attend a march in central London against climate change, reports suggest, as world leaders meet in Paris to agree a new deal for tackling the issue.

The march, from Park Lane to Millbank outside parliament, coincides with the United Nations conference on Climate Change and is one of several to take place in cities around the world.

Those at the march who face some stormy weather include Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, and groups including Friends of the Earth, Greenpeace and representatives from the Liberal Democrats and the Green Party.

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The iconic BT Tower lit up with the hashtag #go100percent to support the use of renewable energy.

In Paris, the march was cancelled due to heightened security following the terrorist attacks in the French capital. Instead, Parisians laid down thousands of pairs of shoes at the Place de la Republique where it had been expected to take place.

The COP21 conference of 150 of the world's leaders will seek to agree a new deal which limits carbon emissions, amid tightened security.

Paris on Sunday as climate change talks start (Source: Getty)

November 29, 2015, 12:16pm

A leading City law firm has been hired to carry out an investigation into allegations surrounding the apparent suicide of a Conservative party activist.

CCHQ announced this morning that Clifford Chance would prepare a report on the death of Elliott Johnson, a 21-year-old party activist who is believed to have killed himself in September after allegedly being bullied by Mark Clarke, a party aide, and others. 

Clarke, a 38-year-old consultant at Unilever, was director of the RoadTrip 2015 campaigning group, which sent young Tory activists to canvas in constituencies.

CCHQ said in a statement this morning: "The party remains absolutely determined to establish the truth in relation to events surrounding the death of Elliott Johnson and the activities of Mark Clarke and others on Road Trip 2015.

"We again urge any person who may have information relating to this matter to get in touch with the party as soon as possible.

"In addition, Simon Day, chief executive of the party, instructed Clifford Chance LLP, to prepare a report on the allegations surrounding the death of Elliott Johnson and related allegations into the behaviour of Mark Clarke and others. This includes the party's handling of alleged complaints about Mark Clarke and others."

Grant Shapps, who chaired the Conservatives from 2012 until May, quit his job as an international development minister yesterday amid allegations that he mishandled complaints about Clarke.

"Over the past few weeks – as individual allegations have come to light – I have come to the conclusion that the buck should stop with me," Shapps said in a letter to Prime Minister David Cameron revealed yesterday.

CCHQ said this morning that its evidence-taking process would not be completed until at least next year, and Clifford Chance would report to the party's board "as soon as possible after that".

"It will be a decision of the board which parts of the report to publish having regard to protecting vulnerable witnesses, the ongoing Coroner's inquiry and police investigation. Subject to this, the party intends to publish the key findings and recommendations," the party said in this morning's statement.

Clifford Chance declined to comment.

November 29, 2015, 12:14pm

Amazon will offer another week of deals starting on Cyber Monday following on from a week-long shopping bonanza for Black Friday, which on the day itself still brought the online retailer its single biggest ever shopping day in the UK.

Shoppers will be able to take advantage of deals on electronics, video games and a whole range of items for another week.

"This Cyber Monday 2015 indulge in some top chocolate, alcohol and sweet offers. You will also find great gifts for everyone on your list including top offers in toys, games, DVDS, computers, video games, perfume and aftershaves," Amazon said on its Cyber Monday deals page.

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While the big ticket deals and biggest discounts have yet to be revealed, there are several already available from now until the end of Monday.

They include a 30 per cent off Amazon's own Kindle Fire tablet, £30 off its Kindle Paperwhite ebook reader and £19 off the Amazon Fire TV streaming stick.

For gamers, there's 15 per cent off Xbox One and a Playstation 4 bundle for £299.99

Connected home fans will find the Nest smart thermostat comes with £30 off and the Nest smart camera is reduced by 25 per cent, while the Jawbone Up fitness tracker is reduced to £89.99, with 31 per cent off.

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Lightning deals which have limited items available for only a short time are likely to continue through the week. Amazon Prime members are able to access some of the deals earlier than those who are not, giving them an advantage in snapping up deals which may then run out. Other deals will be under the "deals of the day" tag and be available for 24 hours.

We'll be updating the deals as they're announced as well as further Cyber Monday discounts from the UK's major retailers. Find all the latest here

November 29, 2015, 11:32am

The number of shoppers hitting the high street fell on Black Friday as they turned to buying online and as retailers spread their discount deals throughout the week. 

Footfall on high street pavements was down more than four per cent on Black Friday, compared to the same time last year the earliest figures reveal, according to retail analyst Footfall.

Separate figures reveal the number of shoppers hunting for a bargain online on Black Friday rocketed 270 per cent compared to the average shopping day in the UK, and ahead of the busiest online shopping day of the year, Cyber Monday.

"There seems to be a real loss of consumer appetite for Black Friday compared to last year.  Of course, this could be an indication that people are simply switching their buying behaviours and going online to secure a deal. However, the drop in visitors in store can also be attributed to retailers’ changing their Black Friday strategies and extending the promotional event beyond a single day of discounting," said UK Footfall director Steve Richardson.

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Overall, the earliest figures from Footfall indicate traffic in stores dropped three per cent across the week compared to last year, while a similar drop is expected across the shopping weekend and through to Cyber Monday.

While shopper numbers are on the downward spiral, the spending figures across the now-extended bonanza shopping period are expected to jump on last year.

Black Friday spending in store and online is predicted to surpass the £1bn for the first time. The numbers are still being totted up by retailers, but Amazon said it sold 86 items per second creating the ecommerce giant's biggest ever shopping day, surpassing the previous record of last year's Black Friday, and despite spreading its deals across the week.

Cyber Monday spending could be even bigger, with some analysts pegging spending at £3bn.

November 29, 2015, 10:02am

Britain is bracing itself for a miserable day of heavy rain and winds of up to 70mph as storm Clodagh follows Barney and Abigail across the Atlantic.

A yellow weather warning has been issued for greater London and the rest of the country due to high winds throughout Sunday.

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While the capital will escape the most severe gales of the west coast, including north wales, north west England and Dumfries and Galloway, where gusts could reach 70mph. But, inland they could still hit 50mph to 60mph.

In Scotland, the bad weather could even bring with it a dusting of snow on higher grounds.

The Met Office's chief forecaster said: "A further low pressure system will enter its deepening phase as it runs quickly eastwards across southern Scotland on Sunday, leading to a further swathe of very strong winds on its southern flank.

There is quite likely to be a core of stronger winds immediately south of the low pressure track which, on current expectations, would be most likely to affect areas around the northern part of the Irish Sea. Strongest winds would reach Northern Ireland around dawn, and most areas by the end of the morning, before gradually subsiding from the west during the afternoon and evening."

In London, transport services are running as normal across the capital, with some Tube lines closed for planned engineering work. The Emirates cable car in Greenwich has been closed due the high winds.

Storm Barney just a few weeks ago brought with it gusts of up to 85mph in Aberdeen. The Met Office crowdsourced the storm names in order to make people more aware of weather warnings and Clodagh is the third after being named severe enough to warrant it on Saturday evening. Next up will be Desmond when the next storm lands on Britain's shores. 

November 29, 2015, 9:22am

The growth of the UK's economic is losing some momentum, figures from the Confederation of British Industry reveal.

Growth across manufacturing, retail and service sectors remained steady, according to the CBI's latest growth indicator survey of more than 700 respondents. However, the latest forecasts suggest businesses expect over the coming three months growth will be at its weakest in two years.

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“Growth in the economy is steady this month, but momentum is slower than in the first half of the year," said director of economics a the CBI, Rain Newton-Smith.

“Business and consumer services are stoking the economic fire, but while manufacturing has seen a modest improvement, firms in the sector are still expecting to see a fall in output. The main risks to the UK economy still stem from outside, particularly fragilities in emerging markets and the potential for global financial market volatility.”

November 29, 2015, 8:56am

Defence secretary Michael Fallon has warned of the high risk of Paris Style attacks as the  government seeks cross-party support for Syian air strikes in the fight against Islamic State (IS).

“What happened in Paris and Brussels could easily happen in London,” warned Fallon in an interview with a Sunday newspaper. "The threat to the UK is extremely high. An attack is highly likely so we have to respond.”

Fallon and fellow ministers are seeking support  before a vote on extending air strikes takes place, however the stance of Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn could potentially put those plans off track.

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“We have seen it in Paris, a European city, just two hours away, right on our doorstep,” he says. “Our security forces work extremely hard to protect us but we can’t rule out a similar attack here and we have to be ready to respond to it," Fallon warned.

“I can’t go into detail of the individual plots that have been foiled. The threat from IS is as potent here as it was real in Paris and Brussels. It could be London, it could be Manchester, it could be Glasgow. We have seen threats to shopping centres in the past. We have had terrorists convicted of making threats to shopping centres in the past but we mustn’t be cowed by these risks. Life has to go on,” he told the Sunday Telegraph.

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Corbyn, who opposes air strikes, is still deciding whether to give Labour MPs a free vote or order them to oppose the military action. A vote may come as soon as this week.

November 28, 2015, 5:24pm

Tyson Fury's world heavyweight title fight against Wladimir Klitschko will go ahead despite a row over the thickness of the ring's canvas.

The British contender had threatened to pull out of the event at the 55,000 capacity Espirit Arena in Dusseldorf, expected to be watched by millions around the world when it starts at 10pm tonight, after his camp complained the ring canvas was "too soft".

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Fury's agent Asif Vali told BBC Sport earlier: "If it's not resolved, the fight is in jeopardy of being off. The foam underlay is too soft. It's five inches thing, which doesn't help a big lad going into a ring.

"We've never seen canvas like this before. It's too much from a health and safety point of view, because he can easily do his ankle."

Fury's trainer Peter Fury wrote on Twitter: "Head of British boxing board saying ring canvas is totally unacceptable. Boxing, more like moon walking JOKE!!!"

Following the complaints, made to the British Boxing Board of Control and the commissioner of the fight the "soft" canvas was replaced and Fury's team gave the bout the green light.

Cancelling the fight would have cost Fury the biggest payday of his career. He is set to earn up to £5m from the world title clash while reigning champ Klitschko is in line for around £15m.

The 39-year-old Ukrainian has not lost in over a decade.