The UK audit watchdog has been accused of brushing-off a whistleblower who claimed HBOS had understated loan-loss [...]

6 February 2019

Noel Edmonds’ lawyer Jonathan Coad is set to open a new front in his battle against Lloyds Banking Group. [...]

6 February 2019

Former Crinkley Bottom resident and Deal or No Deal supremo Noel Edmonds is set to take his fight with Lloyds [...]

22 November 2018

Lloyds Banking Group has apologised and paid an undisclosed amount in compensation to a whistleblower who produced [...]

14 November 2018

Rachel Reeves doesn’t fit the typical mould of a select committee chair. [...]

13 November 2018

TV presenter Noel Edmonds branded the Archbishop of Canterbury a "reincarnation of evil" for investing in Lloyds [...]

18 September 2018

The world is “sleepwalking” into another financial crisis, former Prime Minister Gordon Brown said today, [...]

13 September 2018

A group of MPs has written to Lloyds Banking Group accusing it of treating victims of a fraud carried out by members [...]

30 July 2018

Sainsbury’s yesterday defended its new chairman after he received criticsm from an investor concerned with his [...]

11 July 2018

A second group of MPs have weighed into the Hbos Reading fraud case, following last week's explosive report, demanding [...]

27 June 2018

MPs are calling for an investigation into potential criminality regarding the handling by Lloyds Banking Group [...]

22 June 2018

Lloyds bank and consultancy giant KPMG came under renewed pressure today following the publication of a damning [...]

19 June 2018

A cross-party group of MPs today said it will publish a report on an alleged cover-up by Lloyds executives of [...]

15 June 2018

The meeting began with one angry shareholder accosting Lloyds’ chairman Norman Blackwell, shouting: “You’re [...]

25 May 2018

By rough calculation, the average person working a 9 to 5 job until retirement will notch up more than 80,000 [...]

14 May 2018

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