Federal Reserve

US industrial production unexpectedly fell for the third time in four months in news that will displease the Trump [...]

15 May 2019

The US Federal Reserve said today it was not raising interest rates, citing a strong labour market with solid [...]

1 May 2019

By Jemma Jackson from interactive investor. [...]

30 April 2019

The US inflation rate fell in March, the latest official figures have revealed, in a development that will keep [...]

29 April 2019

Even by Donald Trump’s standards, it was an extremely Donald Trump thing to do. [...]

16 April 2019

At a time when the US Federal Reserve has well and truly capitulated on its hiking path, some emerging markets [...]

2 April 2019

Gold has been making a comeback. After a long period with little activity last year, the precious metal’s value [...]

19 March 2019

As a few of you might have been told many times already, today is the latest Brexit D-Day for the UK, and for [...]

11 March 2019

By Tom Bailey from interactive investor. [...]

11 March 2019

Houston, there is no problem. America is back in the space race. [...]

11 March 2019

US hiring stalled in February, according to the latest non-farm payrolls report. The economy added just 20,000 [...]

8 March 2019

Last year may have been a tricky one for US markets and investors but it was less so for the country’s businesses [...]

20 February 2019

A decade after the outbreak of the global financial crisis, banks in the euro area have still not recovered. [...]

18 February 2019

Chinese stock markets are currently on holiday, with traders and consumers off celebrating the arrival of the [...]

8 February 2019

The yield curve has been a reliable predictor of US recessions over the last four decades. Each time the yield [...]

6 February 2019

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