<!--StartFragment--> The American Express Centurion card. Known as the &ldquo;black card&rdquo;, it is available only to those who charge more than $250,000 a year. Paying for dinner with this is sure to make an impression.<br /><br />Clive Christian No 1 for Men goes for &pound;416 for 30ml at Fortnum &amp; Mason. What does it smell like? As one perfume website put it, &ldquo;like money, baby.&rdquo; A whiff impresses.<br /><br />Nothing could be more subtle than a flash of a nice cufflink. The &pound;1,500 white gold examples from William &amp; Son ooze understatement and class.<br /><br />A drink to seal the deal is a subtle way to show just how discerning you are. A snifter from a bottle of Macallan 1945 Speyside single malt costs you upwards of &pound;600. <!--EndFragment-->