Rapid responses

Grow Heathrow

[Re: Which is the best option for expanding airport capacity?, Thursday]
Infrastructure is the lifeblood of British business, and air links are no exception. Ministers want new infrastructure funded by the private sector, but they’re missing the one option staring them right in the face. A privately-funded third runway at Heathrow would add much-needed capacity to our maxed-out hub airport. Britain has a “connectivity crunch”, preventing firms from linking up with export opportunities and potential inward investors. Growth can’t wait. While Britain dithers, our competitors are forging ahead. We must ensure we don’t lose out on investment, jobs and exports.

John Longworth, director general of the British Chambers of Commerce


Untapped gas

[Re: Britain can finally make the dash for gas with Paterson, Wednesday]
Earlier this year, geologist Nigel Smith from British Geological Survey claimed that the UK could become energy self-sufficient if it developed its oil and gas industry offshore. But whatever the estimates of Britain’s untapped capacity, it’s clear that plenty more can be extracted if industry is given the freedom to do so. We should go for it.

Alex Cull

Whatever our energy policy, it needs to be consistent. The government is now giving tax breaks to develop older North Sea oil fields. But in 2011 it placed a windfall tax on oil profits. What does it want?

Lisa Goodman



Best Paralympics ever. Best Olympics ever. A beautiful summer in London. We did ourselves proud.

The sharp rise in house prices over the last 10 years has as much to do with cheap money as with the planning system.

In the US, the left inherited a mess from the right. Vice versa in the UK. The common thread is excess state power and bad money.

German criticism of Draghi comes almost exclusively in legal disguise. It’s pathetic politics by permanent constitutional challenge.