Rapid Responses

Seat inequality

[Re: Clegg’s veto of fairer seats is more important than the reshuffle, yesterday]

The staggering inequality in Britain’s voting system was never highlighted better than when Tony Blair won his 66 seat majority in 2005. In terms of votes cast, the Tories won the most votes in England. And yet, Labour went on to serve a full five year term.

Graham De Roy

A boundary review was a central part of the coalition agreement the Lib Dems agreed to. Nick Clegg’s decision to reverse that agreement isn’t just a scandal for proponents of an electoral system that better reflects the wishes of voters. It could mark the beginning of the coalition’s end.

Tom Fowler


Britain unchained

[Re: We’ve been here before: Britain’s decline and fall is not inevitable, yesterday]

David Davis speaks sense. Defeatism, fatalism, a belief that Britain can no longer compete against its rivals all plague our political class. And yet, British people are still evidently keen to go out into the world to work, to sell their services or products, and to prove their government’s low expectations wrong. The challenge remains in harnessing this spirit within Britain, rather than pushing it to more welcoming shores.

Alex Atherton

I feel sorry for Davis. He’s like Cassandra before the fall of Troy. No one will believe he’s right until it’s too late to listen.

Louise Hunt