MPs revolt over expenses

MPs JOINED forces yesterday to revolt over the demands of independent reviewer Sir Thomas Legg, who is forcing them to repay excessive expenses claims.<br /><br />Prime Minister Gordon Brown and Tory leader David Cameron said MPs could be barred from standing at next year&rsquo;s general election if they refused to pay back the sums.<br /><br />&ldquo;If people are asked to pay back money and they don&rsquo;t pay it back, in my view, they can&rsquo;t stand as Conservative MPs,&rdquo; Cameron said.<br /><br />But some politicians complained that Legg&rsquo;s retrospective tightening of the rules, with lower spending limits on gardening and cleaning, went too far, and called for a cross-party co-ordinated challenge.<br /><br />Conservative MP Ann Widdecombe said the changes were &ldquo;contrary to the rules of natural justice&rdquo; and meant parliament wasn&rsquo;t fit to govern anybody else.