Minimalism meets France’s Ancien Regime this autumn

1. Brows If your eyes are the windows to your soul, then your brows are the curtains. This season eyebrows are big and bold, which apart from lending a more masculine look, also defines your eyes. Blinc do a wonderful Brow Mousse that not only defines them and builds body, but holds their shape wherever you want it and doesn’t adhere to your skin.

2. Hair Continuing along the minimalist theme we have seen a resurgence of the good old Ponytail: cue communal sigh of relief, finally a do we can do. For the office, it’s all about keeping it sleek and high: a boar bristle brush is key for taming the strays. This also works well with the conspicuous brow and simple, 60s eyeliner in either black or metallics and a strong red lip to carry the look into the evening.

3. Lashes. Mascara has gone into over-drive. Forget everything you’ve been told about holding back on the lower lashes, and spider them up with the most volumising brand you can find. Of course, don’t let them dry between layers –for this look we love the DuWop Lash Venom Mascara. Another tip to avoid clumping is to give them a brush with a cleaned, old mascara wand from your previous tube.

4. Cheeks The only area of beauty that has kept its playful edge is blusher: try brushing it a little lower and covering more of your cheek. With all this minimalism around, try ramping up the pigment a little. It’s not called the flush of youth for nothing!

5. Scent From the point of view of fragrance, the flirty feminine florals of the last few seasons are out in favour of more woody, musky, oriental scents, more Dietrich than Diaz. If you are unsure in this arena, Molecule 01 is a great one to start with as it actually works with your individual pheromones. Or the signature scent of the Uber-trendy Hotel De Costes in Paris.