Q.We are planning to redecorate. What do I need to consider when planning a colour scheme?

A.WHETHER you are looking to create a soothing calming interior or looking for your home to be colourful and edgy, the colours picked will dictate what you actually achieve.

If you are planning a scheme for the whole house remember that the relationship between the rooms needs to be considered. This is especially true if you have a small home. A calm interior will only be achieved if everything flows together from room to room.

Buying yourself a colour wheel will help you plan a scheme. For an interior that is restful and calming, choose colours that are near each other on the wheel.

When planning your colour scheme it can be one of three sorts: tonal, harmonious or complementary.

To make sure you like your choices, buy a sample pot and paint a large sample on some lining paper. You can then move it around your room at different times of the day – paint finishes look different in different lights so make sure you are a happy before you get out your paint and brushes.

Q.I am interested in adding a conservatory to my home and would like to know more about glass box

A.THE direction of the property will have a large bearing on deciding if a glass box extension is suitable. In a north-facing position this type of extension is great, especially if you have a lack of light. However, on a south facing wall the room will become unbearably hot and having to use shades will only detract from the beauty of the structure. Also, given the lack of solid walls, curtain will not be an easy solution so you should consider any privacy issues during planning. It is now possible to include blinds within the glazing if specified before building starts, or you can even specify glass that will become opaque when you flick a switch. A solid floor is a good choice for flooring in a glass box extension: either wood or tiles would be very suitable. If you choose a suitable tiled finish (i.e. limestone) you can extend it into the garden to create a seamless connection between the new extension and the garden. www.apdinteriors.com