Letters to the editor - 25/07 - Train squeeze, Best of Twitter

Train squeeze

[Re: Commuter crush: Seven out of 10 most overcrowded trains in Britain go to London, yesterday]

Unfortunately there is no silver bullet that will solve this situation. Lengthening trains, platforms, and building new infrastructure can help, but will only go so far. The government should start incentivising home working. They could introduce measures like three-day-a-week travelcards, or commuter rebates for those who underuse their annual season tickets. If an annual rebate was set between £5 and £7 per day, then a Zone 1-6 travelcard holder, who worked from home for roughly 50 days each year, could expect to receive between £250 and £350. The government should not seek to tell businesses how to operate, but by encouraging individuals to work from home, it could reduce overcrowding.

Roger Evans, Conservative member of the London Assembly

[Re: With the new prince forecast to take the throne in 2080, will he reign over a far better Britain? yesterday]

Why does Scott Corfe think there’s a direct relationship between working hours and productivity. Greeks work 44 hours per week on average, while Germans only work 35.

Ruben Reitor



Latest CBI manufacturing survey is upbeat. Output and orders growing. Good omen for growth this year.

Bank of England confirms Jane Austen will appear on the £10 banknote.

Japanese said they want us in European “market”. Suits me. Suits the Swiss. The EU is different.

FTSE 100 is pushing the 6,660 level again. No close above this since late-May.