Letters to the editor - 13/06

Regional growth

[Re: London’s importance to the UK economy keeps on growing, Friday]

The regions suffer from the dead hand of the state. Although it’s now dropped, 52 per cent of employees worked in the public sector in Copeland in the North in 2010. How can private enterprise flourish in such a environment? I’d like to see the regions being allowed to make their own decisions on things like corporation tax. They could compete to attract investment and jobs, and compensate for a lack of airports and theatres. Think Switzerland and its cantons. Rural Appenzell has one of the lowest tax burdens and the highest per capita incomes.

Tony Telford


Labour spending

[Re: Labour has outflanked Osborne on the UK’s long-term welfare timebomb, Tuesday]

How often have we heard this from Labour? Prudence or iron discipline, Labour pledges to match Tory spending plans and then, after a few years, changes its mind. Until they can forget the idea that the state is always a positive influence on peoples’ lives, they will make the same mistake.

David Peddy

Labour’s welfare cap will be meaningless without concrete mechanisms, backed by law, to cut benefits if spending exceeds the limit.

Richard Morris



If 4.5 years of loose monetary policy hasn’t allowed businesses to adjust, it’s silly to claim more will now.

Market correction not bad for real economy if panic avoided. Central bankers need to manage transition.

Labour must commit to EU referendum. Can’t be the only party not willing to give people a say come 2015.

432,000 more people in employment in the UK compared to a year ago. Austerity is working.