Jazzing up your outdoor space for summer

WITH the weather forecast to stay fine over the summer, your garden is going to come into its own. If you’re lucky enough to have your own outdoor space, you owe it to the rest of us to make it as comfortable and stylish as possible.

Here are a few objects that would bring light and life to any outdoor space. The barbecue is state of the art, with a special rack for keeping food dry and warm when it starts to rain. Naturally, its makers are Australian. While waiting for the burgers, why not lounge in a teak deck chair?

As for lighting: you can go with a sturdy, rustic outdoor candle or a sleek and modern lamp. If you fancy a more old-fashioned look, many stockists, such as directlight.co.uk have everything from Victoriana to Art Deco. The sculpture would fit in a compact patio, on a roof terrace or as a complement to shrubbery.

Parabolic Reflecting Lamp, Directlight, £32.18
Stainless steel pedestal lamp post with parabolic reflector on cap’s underside and a strong flood of light.

Clef Knot Sculpture, John Lewis, £244
Elegant weatherproof resin sculpture in a versatile style.

Teak Pacific Steamer Chair, Gardencast, £139
Solid teak lounger like the ones on ships of yore. Comfortable and tough.

Large Coastal Glass Candle, St Eval, £10
Chunky and robust outdoor candle.

Pro 4 BBQ, Outback, £799.99
The daddy of BBQs. Gas cooker with three grills, heat indicator, warming rack, rotisserie and more.