The Art of Meditation at the Bishopsgate Institute
Modern living is crying out for meditation, a tool that can help you develop a relaxed, alert and focused state of mind and bring about a gentle transformation of emotional experience. This course will introduce the practice of meditation and explore ways of integrating its benefits into your daily life. Many professionals report a profound increase in productivity and in concentration when they become good at meditation. Six sessions for £52,

Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR),
Shambhala Centre
This is a leading programme for reducing stress and anxiety, and has been widely approved by the international medical community. It teaches greater awareness of our thoughts, feelings and sensations through simple techniques like meditation and gentle movement. A chief benefit of this course is learning to respond better to stress. £250 for an eight week course.

The Circle for Inner Peace, Alchemy, Camden
Guided meditation helps you quiet the mind and become more aware of how to direct tyour thoughts, actions and feelings to create a more positive life experience. Learn to make conscious choices based on your highest self.