Sara Hollamby
Style Counsel

I’M so pleased the snow is finally on its way out, not because of the commuting chaos it caused, or because I’m bored with my “really warm” clothes. No, it’s because the cold weather played havoc with my skin, which has definitely got the winter blues. It’s dry and dull despite plenty of moisturiser, plus my nails keep breaking and splitting. Why does that happen? Well, our poor faces are exposed to everything, they have to put up with freezing cold temperatures, then straight into warm, dry central heating, even very hot temperatures if you’re lucky enough to have an open fire. Our faces are exposed 24/7, 365 days a year to all sorts of extreme weather cold or hot, heating or air conditioning. When your best jacket becomes old, faded and threadbare you replace it, but you can’t buy a new face. So all we can do is look after our skin and try and protect it.

Fish and omega oil capsules can help, although I have been taking them since November, and still need a skin boost, so I really recommend Sarah Chapman’s Overnight Facial, £42, for men and women. You massage it in before bed. It looks like it is going to be oily, but once on it dries and isn’t greasy at all, it just feels comforting and nourishing, and packed with anti-ageing goodies and omega supplements – this is just what my skin has been crying out for. You can even give yourself a home facial as it comes with instructions on how to do it properly. When I’ve massaged it into my face, I then rub the residue round my finger-nails and hands so I don’t waste a drop, and to my husband’s amusement put on my white cotton gloves and jump into bed. I know I might look silly, but keeping my hands and face soft, supple and youthful is a top priority in our ageist society, especially in this annoying picture postcard winter weather. Available at Space NK, QVC or

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