Sara Hollamby<br /><strong>Style Counsel</strong><br />IT&rsquo;S Ascot time again, and this is the moment for guys to shine with a fabulous waistcoat (don&rsquo;t worry about the expense &ndash; it&rsquo;ll last you years) and a fragrantly fabulous floral tie. Go to Favourbrook waistcoat shop in Piccadilly Arcade. This summer they have a new collection of real &ldquo;vintage&rdquo; embroidered fabrics. Don&rsquo;t be frightened to go bold in both colour and design. If you&rsquo;re diving in, make sure its a huge splash. <br /><br />If this all sounds a bit much, go for a really flamboyant floral tie like this one from Duchamp (right) &ndash; this would look amazing with a big orange buttonhole. The waistcoat or tie can be as bold as you like, after all the girls this year are going to be parading some very striking printed dresses. <br /><br />Generally I would say just wear one hugely striking item, but this year while we&rsquo;re all still very anti-recession: be bold and have some fun. Ascot this year is going to be rockin&rsquo;.&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; <br /><br />Sara Hollamby is an Image Consultant at Working Voices. For more info, see: