Don’t get burned this sunny season

Own Active Block Ball, £9.50
Sun cream is so 2011. This summer, spice things up with a sunscreen ball. That’s right, this solid sun protectant comes in a round orange container that is about the size of a tennis ball – it is ultra convenient and won’t leak all over your handbag.

Lancaster Sport Multi Protection Cream and Stick, £21
We’re supposed to wear sunscreen every day – for those of us who might be a bit forgetful, this handy combo of cream and stick is a convenient enough to slip into your pocket.

Supergoop Weekend Away Essentials Set, £24.99
If you’re heading to a sunny spot, pack this kit which has everything you need for your family, including sunscreen wipes, spray and lip balm.

La Roche-Posay Anthelios Melt-In Cream, £14.50
Dermatologists say this is “the world’s greatest sunscreen” thanks to its ingredient, Mexoryl, which protects against UVA rays.

John Masters Organics Natural Mineral Sunscreen, £28.50
Finding organic sunscreens isn’t as hard as it once was. This one combines natural ingredients like green tea, shea butter, and jojoba oil to nourish and protect your skin.

Clarins Sun Care Spray Oil-Free Lotion, £18
If you’re an active sun seeker who doesn’t have time to worry about your cream rubbing off, then try this spray. It’s oil-free formula sinks into your skin in a jiffy.

Esteé Lauder Bronze Goddess Sun Indulgence Lotion, £22
If you have the delicate skin of a goddess, then try this sensitive sunscreen. Its fragrance makes you feel like you’re at the beach, even if you’re just relaxing in Hyde Park.

Invisible Zinc Four Hour Water Resistant Sunscreen,
There was a good deal of fuss about this cream when it launched in the UK: infused with the super-mineral Zinc, it is an all-natural block against the sun that properly protects you against all harmful rays and does so without any of the nasties found in most mainstream sun creams.