Children will fall in love with this evil alien

Timothy Barber
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Cert: U

EVERY superhero needs a supervillain to fight against, and vice versa. So when one defeats the other, what’s left for the victor to do? That’s the existential crisis confronting Megamind, a blue-skinned alien blessed with a huge brain inside his shiny, Mekon-esque bonce. His evil ambitions have the perfect foil in the form of Metro Man, the smug beefcake defender of Metro City. Megamind has become so used to having his nefarious attempts to take over the city foiled by Metro Man that when he suddenly finds himself victorious, he hasn’t a clue what to do. The thrill of being wicked, it seems, is all in the chase.

This is a blast. The 3-D animation is frequently stunning, with plenty of aerial chases through the metropolis. What the script lacks in originality it makes up for in wit and sharp one-liners, delivered perfectly by Will Ferrell as Megamind himself.

Brad Pitt has fun as vain cheesemeister Metro Man, as do Tina Fey as the gutsy news reporter Megamind kidnaps, and Jonah Hill as a schmuck Megamind turns into a superhero just so that he has someone to fight. No classic, but excellent holiday entertainment.

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