Brighter SHADES

Timothy Barber
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WHEN aviator shades came back into fashion a few years ago, there was more than a whiff of retro about them. It was either about nailing that Donnie Brasco look from the Seventies, or the mirror-shaded naffness of Tom Cruise, Miami Vice and Milli Vanilli.

Luckily, things have moved on a bit, and the aviator has been reborn as a style icon for our own times, rather than a mere throwback. Perhaps it can be ascribed to Kanye West’s penchant for outlandish versions, but designers have started spicing up the basic aviator design, messing with shape, materials, and particularly colour.

Whether you want some debonair sophistication for clinking cocktail glasses with the superyacht set, or funky shades for laid-back lounging around in Hyde Park, then there is an aviator for you. As long as you don’t keep trying to put Girl You Know It’s True on the stereo, your taste is sure to be applauded.

Paul Smith

Oliver Goldsmith

Mosley Tribes
$180 (USA)


Calvin Klein

Ray Ban