HALL PASS Extraordinarily lame post-Hangover comedy with Owen Wilson and, er, Stephen Merchant.

THE RESIDENT Hilary Swank is a single woman with a rather scary landlord in this home invasion thriller.

NORWEGIAN WOOD Beautifully-made Japanese drama, adapted from Marukami’s book.

SAW: the final chapter Dreadful franchise comes to a dreadful end. Hopefully.

MARCHLANDS Cross-generational ghost tale, set in a haunted house in the north, with Jodie Whittaker.

SOUTH RIDING Charming enough mini series set in 30s Yorkshire, with Anna Maxwell Martin.

ELBOW Guy Garvey and his Mercury-winning cohorts return with new album, Build a Rocket Boys!

REM Collapse into Now is the title of the latest album from Michael Stipe and co.

NOAH & THE WHALE Third album from the acclaimed indie-folk group.

DRAGON AGE II (PC, X360, PS3, MAC OS X) Role-playing sequel, set in a fantasy world.

TORCHLIGHT (PS, X360, MAC OS X) Another fantasy role-player, Dungeons and Dragons-style.

TWO WORLDS II (PC, X360, MAC OS X) Hey, waddya know, it’s a fantasy game. You wait for months...