UK millennials spend 29 hours a year taking selfies

Caitlin Morrison
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Millennials come in for a lot of flack, with older generations slating their supposed avocado toast-fuelled spending sprees as the reason they're struggling to get a foot on the property ladder.

While lot of that criticism is unfounded, as this research by the IFS demonstrates, sometimes stats are published that tip the balance against the young folk - like the fact that millennials spend an average of 29 hours a year taking selfies.

The typical British millennial now takes an average six selfies a week, spending 44 minutes crafting their 'model pose', which is equivalent to two hours and 24 minutes per month and approximately 29 hours a year, according to a study commissioned by TV channel Lifetime.

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Sometimes oldies get in on the selfie action too (Source: Getty)

On average, 16-34 year olds take five photos before making a final choice. Filters are also a common staple, with over two thirds (68 per cent) admitting to highly editing some of their photos, and 18 per cent refuse to post a photo unless it has been edited to a "model standard".

Given the tough economic times millennials are living through - a study released in December revealed London millennials will have paid £270,000 in rent by the time they buy a home - maybe they should be left alone to take as many selfies as they like.

But be careful, kids: sometimes selfies can lead to injuries, so take care with your cameras.

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