Uber to adopt Holder Report recommendations following sexual harassment investigation

Lucy White
Uber to adopt Holder Report recommendations following sexual harassment investigation
Chief executive Travis Kalanick could be prompted to take a temporary step away from Uber (Source: Getty)

Uber is to adopt all recommendations of the Holder Report following a Sunday board meeting, a representative said yesterday, although what this entails will remain under wraps until Tuesday.

An investigation into the ride-hailing technology business was launched last year, following employee allegations of sexual harassment and a “bro culture” at the company.

Uber's board met yesterday with former US attorney general Eric Holder and lawyer Tammy Albarrán, who were hired to head the investigation.

“The board unanimously voted to adopt all the recommendations of the Holder Report. The recommendations will be released to the employees on Tuesday,” said a spokesperson.

The announcement followed earlier reports from Reuters that the board would be considering chief executive Travis Kalanick's role at the company.

A source raised the prospect that Kalanick could take time off while sweeping changes to management practices were made.

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Last week, Uber announced that it had already fired 20 employees over the results of another probe by law firm Perkins Coie, which was running alongside the Holder investigation.

The eight-year-old business has been implicated by a string of sexual harassment allegations – most notably from Susan Fowler, who blogged about her experience working at Uber.

Kalanick himself has criticised in the past for his conduct at the company, after he was filmed berating a driver earlier this year.

Despite being valued at nearly $70bn (£55bn), venture capital-backed Uber has yet to make a profit.

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