UK jets off with private plane fleet

Lucy White
A passenger plane of Swiss International
More than 200 private jets are registered in the UK (Source: Getty)

The UK has been ranked as the third-largest home in Europe to private jets, with more than 200 such aircraft registered within its jurisdiction.

With 223 business jets registered in the UK as of April, according to aircraft retailer Colibri Aircraft, the country ranks behind Germany and the Isle of Man, which boast 404 and 325 registered jets respectively.

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Germany alone counts 17 per cent of Europe’s private jets registered on its books. Europe as a whole has seen a rise in the number of private jets registered within its shores over the past year, after a slump in recent times.

“The European private jet market is the third biggest in the world after North and South America, and the number of private jets in the continent is increasing,” said Colibri managing director Oliver Stone.

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During the first three months of this year, the growth continued as 20 new private jets were delivered to Europe compared with 18 during the same period of last year, Colibri said, based on Amstat data.

Despite its high ranking, the number of business jets registered in the UK actually declined by nine between 2016 and April 2017.

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