TV channels including Channel 4, ITV2 and E4 are having a bit of a spat on Twitter

Nina Edy
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Silhouette of Evan Williams Twitter CEO
"Channel 4 started it!" (Source: Getty)

Criticising TV channels because of the quality of the shows they provide is okay - we all do it. But have you ever thought you’d see them going at each other in public? Probably not.

Well, it all started last night when Channel 4 seemingly felt a bit bored and decided to give ITV2 some advice on what it should consider giving up for lent.

ITV2 replied with nothing but a simple gif to show how they felt about Channel 4’s suggestion:

Then later called out Channel 4's younger, trendier sister, E4.

It seems E4 was not to be out done, as it turned the heat on BBC3 for not actually having an TV channel - which one person thought was a bit of a low blow.

Twitter users could not help themselves, and wanted to have their say on the situation - and soon the channels’ mentions were filled with gifs and memes that took full advantage.

Another broadcaster also got involved, tweeting a gif that suggested watching the spat was like watching a film at the cinema.

When BBC3 finally showed up to the party, it had nothing else to add but give all those involved a round of applause.

It was all a bit surreal, but more entertaining than re-runs of You’ve Been Framed.