The 10 jobs where you can expect the biggest pay rise this year

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Working in compliance will pay off nicely in 2017, where salaries will be some of the fastest growing (Source: Getty)

New year, new job?

If you're considering jumping ship for a career refresh in 2017, there are some jobs you might consider more than others and 10 in particular which will land you the biggest pay rise this year.

Clearly it's time to get into compliance and up your tech skills... but, if you're already in one of these jobs, stay put, you lucky thing.

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"The rise in starting salaries is a reflection of organisations taking on business transformation projects, financial planning and risk mitigation which is adding additional strain on the limited supply of professionals with these skills," said Phil Sheridan, a senior managing director at recruitment firm Robert Half which compiled the salary report.

“To win the growing war for talent, businesses need to offer competitive salaries, opportunities for development and a supportive company culture to remain an employer of choice.”

These are the jobs where salaries are expected to grow the most...

1. Financial planning and analysis manager in a large company

Salaries in this field are expected to grow at a rate of 5.8 per cent in the year ahead as businesses look to create "efficiencies" and productivity, according to the latest research from recruitment firm Robert Half.

The average salary for the job right now is between £64,000 and £82,000.

2. Senior operational risk managers

It doesn't sound sexy, but then who cares when you're in line for a 5.2 per cent pay rise? Wading through that red tape is a lucrative business, with workers raking in between £85,000 and £120,500.

3. Project manager in accounting and finance

Those of the organisational (and perhaps a bit OCD) persuasion can expect a 4.9 per cent bump this year to a pay packet that's already at between £45,000 and £51,500.

"Finance transformation is set to rise to the top of the agenda and firms are seeking finance professionals with strong project management skills who can take ownership of change as well as the efficiency of digitising the finance function," the firm says.

4. Developers

And geeks shall inherit the earth... and a 4.5 per cent pay rise. Developers are becoming vital to business and commanding pay of between £27,500 and £48,000.

5. Financial controller

Being a bean counter pays off in the form of a 4.3 per cent salary bump. New regulation and reporting standards mean there will be a premium for qualified accountants who can help organisations remain compliant. Salaries run in the region of £59,500 and £72,750.

6. Operational risk managers

Those who assess risk are in demand and pay of between £62,000 and £95,000 is expected to rise by 4.3 per cent.

"As firms increase investment in resources and IT infrastructure to improve conduct risk surveillance and management information, there’s a growing need for skilled professionals who can create risk management frameworks," said the recruitment firm.

7. Mobile app developers

Developers specifically honing in on mobile are quids in, with a £36,000 to £62,00 average salary likely to be 4.3 per cent higher by the end of the year.

8. Junior developer

A similar rise is expected even for those starting out in their careers - increasingly, candidates with five-plus years’ experience are being offered salary levels on par with those with more than 10 years of experience. Kerching.

9. Financial planning and analysis manager in a small or medium size business

It's not just the giant businesses looking for expertise to grow their business. In smaller firm, workers can still command a similar salary of between £65,000 and £73,500 and expect a pay rise of 4.1 per cent this year.

10. Commercial finance controller in a large company

"Working closely with the financial controller, these qualified accountancy professionals act as business partners to support the revenue growth of an organisation," says the recruitment firm.

Salaries of £76,250-£94,250 are expected to grow by four per cent.

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