Ed Balls 4 Prez, a General Election, Farage back at the top of Ukip - and eight other political possibilities bookies are placing odds on for 2017

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Ed Balls 4 Prez? We'll find out next year... (Source: Getty)

After a year of political upheaval in the UK and across the pond, will things calm down in 2017?

Not likely, if odds by Betway are anything to go by - with Theresa May, Jeremy Corbyn, Nigel Farage and (naturally) Ed Balls all set to have a tumultuous 2017.

Want to know what's going to happen next year? Start polishing your crystal ball...

1. Theresa May to call a General Election: 6/4

With Article 50 due to be triggered in March, it wouldn't take much for the public - or MPs - to demand a General Election.

2. Jeremy Corbyn to become Prime Minister: 10/1

Unlikely. Pretty unlikely.

3. Jeremy Corbyn to win Parliamentary Beard of the Year: 4/5

This year Corbyn won the title for a record seventh time. Given researchers have said we've reached peak beard, next year might be the time someone else wins...

4. Ukip to change leader in 2017: 5/2

The party had no fewer than three leaders during the course of 2016.

5. Nigel Farage to end 2017 as Ukip leader: 20/1

Farage has been Ukip leader twice - could he do it again?

6. Ukip to disband: 25/1

When Article 50 is triggered, Ukip will have achieved its main aim - leading to speculation it could just throw in the towel.

7. Ed Balls to be elected to Parliament: 11/4

Having staged one of the most glorious comebacks ever during his stint on Strictly Come Dancing, Balls is in the electorate's good books.

8. Ed Balls to become Labour leader: 33/1

You never know...

9. Tony Blair to stand for Parliament: 8/1

The former Prime Minister has insisted he won't run - but he's also been very vocal on the subject of Brexit.

10. SNP to win a Westminster seat outside of Scotland: 50/1

As people lose faith in the main parties, the SNP has gained popularity elsewhere. There are already suggestions Edinburgh will try to steal the City's crown after Brexit...

11. Date set for second Brexit referendum: 20/1

That second referendum petition might not have worked - but there's still a slim chance Brexit might not mean Brexit after all.

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