Deliveroo and Diageo team up to put the spirit in your holiday with new alcohol home delivery service

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Carolers courtesy of The Bar will deliver a select number of orders
Carolers courtesy of The Bar will deliver a select number of orders (Source: Casey Gutteridge/

Let's set the scene: You've just come home from work, set a cosy fire and put on your most ridiculous Christmas jumper. All you need to complete the evening is a festive drink, but to your shock and horror you find your drinks cupboard is seriously lacking.

Now you'll have to put the fire out, put something sensible on and run to the shop.

Thankfully, leaving the house to buy alcohol is now a thing of the past.

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Home delivery service Deliveroo has teamed up with drinks giant Diageo just in time for the holidays.

Diageo today announced it had launched its website The Bar with Deliveroo to help us all stock up on drinks ahead of the holidays.

The Bar will be available to Londoners on the Deliveroo app and website.

Some of the first lucky customers will have their boozy delivery served by beatboxing Christmas carol singers.

The aim is to take the stress out of drinks shopping, but the businesses might not have accounted for the panic induced by Christmas sing-alongs.

Diageo's top brands include Bailey's, Smirnoff, Gordon's, Captain Morgan and Johnnie Walker.

Last month, Deliveroo announced a new partnership with Heineken and launched a delivery service through which customers can order beer and cider directly to their homes.

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