Emoji translator is probably the most millennial job you'll ever see

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e've had lego model builder, doing social media for the Queen and, of course, there was the famous "best job in the world" living on an island paradise in Australia, but now we think we've found the most millennial job in the world – emoji translator.

Those who don't know their aubergines from their see no evil monkeys need not apply (so, anyone over the age of about 30 then).

And while you might assume emoji translator is just a load of self-promotional guff, it turns out the job came from a very real need.

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A London translation company had a client that wanted their diary translated from emoji, but it couldn't find a specialist, the BBC reports.

A job ad details the firm's thinking:

"Emoji translation is itself an emerging field – but one dominated to date by software, which is often insensitive to the many cultural differences in usage and interpretation. We are therefore seeking an exceptional individual to provide the human touch needed where translation software is inadequate – and to help us become the go-to translation experts in this area."

It added: "In the absence of any native speakers, the successful candidate should be able to demonstrate a passion for emojis, combined with cutting-edge knowledge and awareness of areas of confusion and cultural/international differences. A practical test of emoji knowledge/skills may be given."

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Finally, all those years of texting and chat online will have paid off for someone.

The successful candidate will be paid per emoji and although on a freelance basis, there are surely some parents out there thinking of hiring just to understand their kids.

City AM What do you think is the most millennial job ever?

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