Camden Town Brewery, one of London's leading craft beer brands, is launching in NYC

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Camden Town Brewery launches stateside (Source: Camden Town Brewery)

Calling all British craft beer fiends: Camden Town Brewery will launch its flagship Hells lager in New York City this month.

The craft beer brewer was acquired by global industry leader AB InBev for £85m about a year ago and has received significant investment from the brand's high end division, enabling it to launch into new markets and build a new, purpose-built brewery in Enfield, which is currently under construction.

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At £25m, Camden's new brewery is the largest investment into London's brewing industry for the last 30 years, and it is set to open in June 2017.

Camden Hells will be available in a range of popular restaurants and bars (Source: Camden Town Brewery)

Jasper Cuppaidge, founder and chief executive of Camden Town Brewery, said: "We've always been inspired by New York; ­ it's a buzzing city filled with incredible places to eat and drink, so it felt like the right place to launch Camden into the US."

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The flagship brew will launch in about 40 locations initially, but Cuppaidge said the company has plans to reach further into the US and beyond.

Camden Town Brewery launches in Paris early next year, with more launches to follow.

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