The 10 skills employers desperately want to hire in 2016 (Spoiler: "teamwork" isn't one of them)

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Technical skills, such as coding, feature heavily. (Source: Getty)

Think "teamwork" and "perfectionism" are enough to get you hired in 2016? Think again. LinkedIn has just released its list of this year's most in-demand skills, and there isn't a CV cliche among them.

The list, which is taken from all the recruitment activity that's taken place on LinkedIn this year, ranks both technical and soft skills in order of how sought-after they are by employers.

Tech skills remained at the top of the list this year, with statistical analysis and data mining coming top, while middleware and integration software came second.

In at number three is HR benefits and compensation - the only non-technical skill in the ranking.

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1. Statistical analysis and data mining
2. Middleware and integration software
3. HR benefits and compensation
4. Web architecture and development framework
5. Mobile development
6. Perl/Python/Ruby
7. SEO/SEM marketing
8. Network and information security
9. Data presentation
10. Data engineering and data warehousing

Last month research by YouGov identified the 10 skills most likely to help you climb the corporate ladder - although those were rather softer, with leadership and people management skills coming first and second resepectively.

Also listed were listening, negotiation, being persuasive and "questioning" - although it did include one vaguely technical skill: digital awareness.

"Our data strongly suggests that demand for tech skills shows no signs of disappearing any time soon," said LinkedIn's Darain Faraz today. In other words, if you're looking for a new job, go technical.

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