Now Nigel Farage has compared Donald Trump's performance in last night's Presidential debate to a "silverback gorilla"

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Ya Kwanza, a silverback gorilla male, wa
Donald Trump? A silverback? We can't tell the difference (Source: Getty)

Nigel Farage has compared Donald Trump's performance in last night's controversial Presidential debate to a "silverback gorilla".

Speaking to Sky News, temporary Ukip leader Farage said Trump "dominated" Hillary Clinton in the debate, saying he was like a "big silverback gorilla in the studio".

"He took control, he dominated Hillary Clinton. She was very much on the back foot all evening.

"It was real backs to the wall stuff," he added.

"He's come out of this very well. He'll be leaving here a happy man tonight."

Farage had defended Trump in the run-up to the debate, after revelations surfaced over the weekend he had made lewd remarks about women, saying he was "alpha male boasting" and the comments were "the kind of thing men do".

"By the way, quite a lot of women say things among themselves that they would not want to see on Fox News, or on the front of a newspaper," he said.

The debate was seen as particularly nasty, with Trump threatening to throw Clinton "in jail".

Farage was in St Louis, were the debate took place, in his capacity as an informal adviser to Trump's campaign.

Later, Buzzfeed editor-in-chief Ben Smith asked Farage to clarify his "silverback" comment:

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