A man in a jetpack took flight over London today

Rebecca Smith
Will jetpacks hit the mainstream in the not too distant future?
Will jetpacks hit the mainstream in the not too distant future? (Source: PA)

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s a man flying across London wearing a jetpack of course.

Entrepreneur David Mayman took to the skies in the UK’s first jetpack flight across the Royal Victoria Dock at dawn today.

The stunt was to announce the launch of his firm’s first equity crowdfunding round on Seedrs – JetPack Aviation wants to raise £300,000 and will invest the funds in further research and development for its JB-10 JetPack and VTOL aircraft.

Mayman, along with co-founder Nelson Tyler, has been working on making the JB-10 JetPack a reality for the past ten years and hopes to launch it next year.

Mayman’s flights across various places are becoming quite popular online – he also took to the skies to test his personal jetpack in Monaco last month.

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He said: "A lot of us spent time in our youth fantasising about what it would be like to follow Buck Rogers up into the air with our very own jetpacks. We are getting a lot closer to launching a commercial product but there is still much further that we can take our designs and ideas, so we want to give the crowdfunding opportunity a once in a lifetime opportunity to invest in turning a dream into reality."

JetPack Aviation is now in negotiations with the US military on how the JB-10 could be deployed in the field.

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