Dream Play at The Vault review: A profoundly odd exploration of human emotion

Steve Hogarty
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Dream Play

Very roughly based on the story of an alien who visits Earth to experience the full gamut of human emotions, Dream Play presents a series of disjointed vignettes that teeter on the fuzzy precipice between real and abstract. That’s to say, it’s supremely odd.

Actors repeatedly swap characters as the audience moves from room to room. Each is a self-contained scene: one an argument between a husband and wife, another a “child” in cycling gear howling for her mother, and one a show within a show, in which a maniacal cellist (Laura Moody, whose talents throughout are a highlight) uses her musical cues to control an unwilling actor like a demonic marionette.

It’s abstracted to the point of incoherency however, becoming the sort of senseless dream that you’d rather wake up from.