September is the new January for resolution-savvy Britons as the "back to school" mentality lives on

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If you've been feeling a pang of the old "back to school" feeling, rest assured – you're not the only one.

The end of summer inspires Britons to get "back to life" after the holidays with a wave of self-improvements, making September a "secret new year", according to research from Pinterest.

"September is becoming the new January with people in the UK looking to make small improvements as they come 'back to life' after the summer holidays, which also reflects what we're seeing people search for on Pinterest at this time of year," said Adele Cooper, Pinterest's UK and Ireland manager.

More than half (59 per cent) of British adults polled said they wanted to make positive changes to their lifestyle this September, while more than two-thirds (69 per cent) thought small improvements in September were much easier to achieve than making New Year's resolutions in January.

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Almost one in four (38 per cent) said September feels like a "fresh start", while more than half (56 per cent) used the remainder of the year as a framing device and said they now had goals they wanted to achieve specifically before Christmas.

Fair weather runners can soak up the last of the summer sun for a few more weeks if they want to go jogging more frequently, after 39 per cent of respondents said they'd put on weight over the summer and half of women said they wanted to alter their diet and fitness this month.

If you'd rather reignite your New Year's resolutions from January than think about starting any new ones, however, fortunately there's still time – and advice – at hand.

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