Arianna Huffington steps down as Huffpost editor-in-chief

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Huffington is stepping down to focus on her wellness startup (Source: Getty)

Arianna Huffington has announced she will step down as editor-in-chief as the Huffington Post, the online news outlet she founded.

In a statement today she said she was stepping aside to focus her attentions on Thrive Global, the new health startup she unveiled in June.

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"One of the Thrive principles is knowing when it's time for a new chapter to begin, and for me that time has arrived," she said today.

"This has been a very difficult decision, but in many ways an inevitable one, given my commitment to building Thrive into a company that has a global impact on how we work and live.

"Building something from scratch doesn't become easier or less challenging just because you've done it before. There is only one way to do it: with your full attention and all your heart. This is also the only way I have ever known how to run HuffPost all through the years, as we have evolved and grown."

Thrive, which completed its Series A funding round in June, provides "training, seminars, e-courses, coaches and ongoing support based on the latest scientific findings from experts", she added today.

"Since publishing Thrive and then The Sleep Revolution, I've dreamt of taking the next big step to help transform the way we work and live.

s. Change is desperately needed if another generation is to avoid the burnout that all too often comes with success today. That’s why I’m filled with excitement at the prospect of devoting the rest of my life to accelerating the culture shift away from merely surviving and succeeding to thriving."

Huffington also announced in April that she was joining the board of Uber.

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