Nintendo is catching all the investors – shares double since Pokemon Go launch

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Pokemon Go Launches In The UK
Nintendo launched smartphone game Pokemon Go earlier this month (Source: Getty)

Nintendo's share price rocketed another 12 per cent in the US on Monday, and was performing even better in Tokyo on Tuesday.

The tech giant's share price has now more than doubled since the launch of Pokemon Go earlier this month – bringing the group's market cap to around $42bn (£32bn).

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Nintendo Nintendo | mobile image

Its share price currently stands at a five-year high after closing at $37.37 in the US on Monday.

Two weeks before, on 5 July, it was trading at $17.50.

In Tokyo on Tuesday, its share price was up 16 per cent to ¥31,950. This price stood at ¥14,490 on 5 July.

Nintendo released Pokemon Go on 6 July as a new smartphone game.

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It shot straight to the top spot in the free app chart in Apple’s US iTunes store and has since been launched in other countries, including the UK last week.

The game is free to download but offers in-app purchases.

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