This infographic tells you how to get an interview with Goldman Sachs

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This summer's internship season has already started — but Goldman Sachs has produced an infographic for the most eager interns who are already thinking about their next round of applications.

The Wall Street stalwart recently changed the recruitment process for 2017 summer and full-time analyst applications. This time it will be using technology to look at wider pool of candidates.

One example of this is that rather than conducting initial interviews face-to-face, the investment bank will screen applicants using a prerecorded-video platform called HireVue.

"We invest a lot of time and effort in recruiting, and so therefore if we know that taking the time to get the right people in will create more cultural synergies and connectivity to the firm, that's what we want," Edith Cooper, Goldman's global head of human-capital management, told Business Insider.

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