CMA energy market report expected to attract a wave of criticism

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The preliminary findings were criticised for being watered down (Source: Getty)

The culmination of a two-year investigation into whether the big six energy suppliers have been overcharging customers is expected to attract a barrage of criticism tomorrow.

The Competition Market Authority's report is likely to endorse provisional findings released earlier this year, while recommending price caps on prepayment meters and the creation of a customer database to increase marketing to customers who are stuck on expensive default tariffs.

It's also expected to push for scrapping a limit to the number of tariffs an energy supplier can offer to four.

Critics have slammed this is a watered down version of its original plan to introduce a universal price cap, while the expected dropping of its claim that the big six overcharged customers would also represent a step back.

"I suspect the big six would've lobbied their position quite aggressively, we've ended up with this database idea that will take a long period of time to enact and could make matters worse for customers," Darren Braham, chief financial officer at First Utility, said.

Julia Davenport, the chief executive of Good Energy, added: "[The database] could just lead to more junkmail and if we're not getting people to switch with twerking men and meercats on TV then why would this make you change."

The big six are SSE, Iberdrola’s Scottish Power, Centrica, RWE npower, E.ON and EDF Energy.

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